The Two Ton Gorilla

A few weeks ago I wrote about a drought of epic proportions that did not have to do with the state of California. No, it was about a 57 year bowl drought that my alma mater, New Mexico State University, was in the midst of. I wrote that this could be the year if the […]

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The Epic Drought

My football career, while I am proud of my accomplishments, is not one that will ever be made into a movie. To be frank, I am an expert loser. While many of my colleagues boast about their championships either in college or high school, I do not have those same accolades. My high school team […]

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Knee Heard Around The World

If you have ever been to a major sporting event you know the routine. After you’re done sucking down beers in the parking lot or at a nearby bar, you make your way inside the stadium. Sometimes you make it just in time for the National Anthem. You do your American duty by standing, removing […]

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Wasted Talent

A cliché term used for athletes with extreme skill but cannot figure it out upstairs. They cannot figure out how to keep themselves out of trouble off the field or court so that they can stay on. We have seen countless examples of athletes that have made it to the pinnacle of their sport, only […]

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